"The infectious tunes delighted my niece and even my three tweens were tapping their toes and cheering with the crowd. Thanks Zoo Boogie - now we can get the CD and enjoy the experience in the car too!"

"Every person was thoroughly engaged by the whole show and the smiles, laughter, clapping and sing-alongs were shared by young and old."

Well done Dale the Zoo Keeper! We thought it was fantastic - Love love love how you teach family values through singing and dancing. Both my kids said that their favourite thing from the whole night was the Zoo Boogie show. We thought it was Boogie-rific!

You were all fantastic tonight! Such a fun, upbeat vibe. My six-year-old cant stop talking about you. I asked her who her favourite animal is and she said, "All of them!" Well done on a fantastic show. We feel really excited about your music!

"Zoo Boogie - WOW! What a wonderful experience it was to be in the zoo! From exciting backdrops to fabulous costumes, catchy tunes and jazzy music, this show was rich with moral tales of how to treat others and full of little 'take-aways' for all."